Norvell Xla Tan Ph Balancing Prep Spray 34 oz.


Skin Prep/Sunless

Norvell XLA TAN pH Balance Prep Spray

34 oz. 

Replenish lost moisture and balance the skin's chemistry with this lightly fragranced spray.

Formulated to boost DHA development, providing deeper, darker and faster tanning results.

Balanced skin pH results in darker shades with deeper tone. pH balanced skin also results in realistic richer color and combats the dreaded "orange" effect.

Preps skin for Sunless Tanning.  A MUST for anybody offering a high end spray tan experience...  Color will last longer by neutralizing the pH balance in the skin.
  • Fragrance: Citrus
  • Size: 34oz
  • Mild Exfoliation: Glycolic spray gently exfoliates and cleanses skin for optimum long-lasting DHA results.
  • Enhances DHA Results: Fruit Prime Extract helps to adjust the skin's pH level to enhance the DHA reaction resulting in a deeper, more golden brown tan.
  • Browner, Golden Color: Lower skin pH results in a browner - not "orange", more realistic, natural looking tan.
  • Adds Moisture: pH balancing spray is designed to add additional moisture to the skin to combat the drying effects of DHA