Vivid Cosmo Handheld Spray Tan Solution 34 oz.


$ 66.95

A NATURALLY-DERIVED AND ORGANIC, LAVISH TAN! Cosmo is developed by the #1 Professional Brand in the industry. Give an immediate VIVID tan that will last up to 1 week with Cosmo Spray Tan Solution. Cosmo has warm brown with cool violet undertones to give a deep lavish tan, inspired by the Vegas lifestyle. INFUSED WITH A BLEND OF NATURALLY-DERIVED & ORGANIC BOTANICALS: This combination of botanicals is a powerful dose of antioxidants that help protect and renew the skin for a long, lasting tan. - Watermelon to help improve the appearance of skin and reduce redness - Cranberry to help combat free radicals and moisturize skin - Tomato to help prevent signs of aging and revive the skin's glow

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