Bleachbright Starbright Dual Action Teeth Whitening Pen


$ 19.95 $ 49.99

Do you want a sparkly white smile, but you just don’t think you have the time to maintain it? Think again! BleachBright's StarBright Dual Action Pen lets you whiten your teeth and strengthen your tooth enamel, anywhere you want... It's that easy to use, and portable.

Touch-up and maintain your bright white smile with the whitening gel, and use the enamel booster gel to strengthen your teeth and protect against staining. All that whitening and protecting, and it fits in a portable pen that you can keep in your pocket, purse, or carry-on bag! Try it today and see the difference immediately!

How It Works:

Unscrew the cap on the whitening gel end of the pen. Apply a thin layer of gel to your teeth, and allow 30 seconds for it to dry. Replace the cap on the whitening gel end, and repeat the process with the enamel booster end for stronger, whiter, stronger teeth in less than 2 minutes!


The StarBright Dual Action Pen is the perfect product to maintain your bright white smile and your oral health when you’re on the go. With 30 applications’ worth of gel and enamel booster in ONE pen, each pen allows you to:

  • Remove stains (from coffee, cola, wine, etc.) as they happen with the whitening gel.
  • Block new stains from occurring with the enamel booster.
  • Protect and maintain your smile for approximately a month
  • 1 StarBright Dual Action Pen with whitening gel and enamel booster gel
  • Contains 12% hydrogen peroxide.