Snooki Ultra Dark Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Supre Tan

Get that's Jerseylicious Snooki tan!

Supre and Snooki have produced the latest evolution in indoor tanning formulas. The Supre SNOOKI Ultra Dark BLACK BRONZER offers instant gratification through a blend of bronzers that unleash your skin's power to react to ultraviolet light. As you work the bronzer into your skin, HyperDark Tanning technology activates the melanin producing cells, so tanning starts immediately when your session begins... BOOYA!

The bronzing power of Supre SNOOKI Ultra Dark BLACK BRONZER continues long after you leave the tanning bed behind, as walnut extract, henna and DHA work to bring out even more color for results that will wow everyone at the beach or the club, or even when you are doing laundry! 

A blend of almond and coconut oils, the SoftChic moisturizing complex found in the bronzer leaves your skin feeling sexy and soft, and a blend of vitamins in the formula protect your skin from the environmental stress that can cause signs of aging.

  • Black Bronzing Blend of Black Walnut, Henna and DHA.
  • Vitamin enriched.
  • Moisturizers with Coconut and Sweet Almond oil.
  • Paraben Free

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Type: Bronzer

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