Tan Asz U #Sexified 200X Hot Tingle Bronzer 7 oz.

Tan Asz U

For Experienced Tanners ONLY!

If you think you're sexy, com on out ant try Sexified by Tan Asz U

If you want to be 100 percent sexified, what's the best tanning strategy? Amping up the results of tanning with a tingle bronzer or going the distance with a long-acting DHA-enhanced bronzer? Can't decide? Why should you? With Tan Asz U SEXIFIED 200X Hot Tingle Bronzer, you get both types of tanning lotions wrapped up in one revolutionary two-chamber spray bottle. Every spritz of the formula gives you a dose of an invigorating tingle complex to prime your skin with oxygen, allowing the 200X blend of tanning bronzers to darken your skin dramatically during your session. Each application also treats your skin to a time-release DHA complex for continuous darkening.

The perfect way to get your tan on now and look even sexier later, Tan Asz U SEXIFIED 200X Hot Tingle Bronzer allows for foolproof application because of its spray-on design. Keep in mind that the intense tingle complex is not for tanning amateurs! This formula should be used only by experienced tanners.

Type: Tingle

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