Tan Asz U Midnight Gold 200X Black Bronzing Lotion

Tan Asz U

When the clock strikes midnight,  you MUST look your best!  Tan ASZ U's Midnight Gold radiates a magnificent darkness accentuated by dramatic skin tightening & toning. Your skin will appear youthful, vibrant, and captivating.  Tanning minerals nourish all day and night long, opening the door for you to an even darker bronze than ever!

  • Advanced 200X Black Bronzing creates an epic darkness
  • Dramatic tightening & toning complexes beckon an ant-aging youthful vibrancy
  • Tattoo Enhancing Technology accentuates your ink's color, nourishing the ink
  • Max Silicones provide a super-touchable softness

Type: Bronzer

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