Herbal Lip Balm 0.44 Oz


Hempz Herbal Lip Balm - Protects and provides EXTREME moisture -

  • Protects with SPF 15
  • Provides moisture to lips
  • Pure Hemp Seed Oil and Extract
  • THC-Free - Drug Free

UV energy is the key to developing a gorgeous tan, as it triggers your body's natural pigment-producing process, leading to darker skin. Unfortunately, ultraviolet light is very intense and can do damage to the cells that make up the skin while encouraging darkening. The lips are particularly vulnerable to the effects of UV and can become dry, irritated and marked by signs of aging due to repeated tanning.

The Hempz SPF 15 Herbal Lip Balm is a formula designed to protect the lips during your tanning sessions and while you're outdoors. The lip balm uses FDA-approved sunscreens to boost your lips' ability to protect themselves from UV by up to 15 times. This greatly minimizes the risk of cellular damage and helps to keep the lips luscious and youthful.

Made with real hemp seed oil, the Hempz SPF 15 Herbal Lip Balm supplies essential fatty acids to the lip tissue, plumping and nourishing them. The lip balm leaves behind a subtle rosy pink color that enhances the beauty of the lip area.

Type: Lip Care

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