Diamond Status Auto Darkening Bronzer 13.5 oz.

Devoted Creations

Precious gems and CC crème technology conceals skin imperfections. Auto darkening ingredients will help your skin break through your tanning plateau while providing the most optimal dark tan.

If you want to elevate your social status this year, it may be time for a new status update in the form of your bronzer. With Devoted Creations Diamond Status Bronzer you can get gorgeous dark color while disguising skin imperfections. Designed to help extend the life of your tan once you've gotten the perfect level of bronze, Devoted Creations Diamond Status Bronzer uses SunXTend to keep results vibrant. A light bronzing blend is also included in the formula to help keep fading at bay.

Devoted Creations Diamond Status Bronzer doubles as a multitasking CC creme, correcting signs of discoloration like redness or age spots. Signs of aging become much less visible due to the CC creme formula, and the cashmere extracts included in the bronzer provide moisture to the tissue for a full day after you tan.

Phytocelltec, Renovage and Cell LD work together to encourage cellular repair, leading to permanent improvements in the texture and tone of your skin. This trio of proprietary ingredients also fights cellulite.

  • Cashmere Blend 24 Hour Hydration system 
  • Repairs cell damage and increases collagen production for firmer, younger looking skin
  • Anti-Aging & skin firming benefits of Phytocelltec, Renovage & Cell LD
  • Works during and after your tanning session to facilitate the natural tanning process
  • Cellulite fighting and toning formula
  • Midnight Blackberry Fragrance

You want nothing but the best... Devoted Creations DIAMOND STATUS delivers results.

Type: Bronzer

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