Designer Skin Charmed Dark Tanning Lotion

Designer Skin

Type: Bronzer

CHARMED Dark Tanning Lotion contains a blend of bronzers, including MelanINK, natural darkeners and DHA. The combination creates the optimal conditions for the skin to create melanin for immediate tanning and to continue to darken your skin even after your session ends.

The formula also includes Oxygen Infusion, which revitalizes the skin to make it brighter with every session. Natural herbs and vitamins are added to promote good skin health, and antioxidants are featured in the formula to minimize the aging effects of ultraviolet energy.

Not only will Charmed make you LOOK amazing, you will feel amazing, because Designer Skin is donating a portion of the proceeds from each bottle of Charmed sold to local Humane Societies! So smile while you pamper your skin knowing you helped make a difference in the life of an animal. Feel Beautiful inside and out!  

  • Bronze for a Cause Dark Tanning Emulsion
  • Includes a generous mix of MelanINK, Natural and Ultra Pure DHA bronzers
  • Oxygen Infusion helps promote increased brightness and rejuvenation to dull, lifeless skin
  • Supreme skin nourishing base of herbs, vitamins and power house antioxidants, expertly blended for conditioned skin and longer lasting color
  • Fragrance: Mandarin Graprefruit

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