Devoted Creations - Camo Queen Bronzing Lotion

Devoted Creations

Breakthrough bronzing beauty balm designed to hydrate, prime, enhance, mattify and camouflage skin imperfections in one single step. Contains Green Coffee Extract and Vitamin C help to smooth and tighten the skin.  

In a camouflage print, colors come together to form a single pattern, blending together to create one unique effect. Similarly, Devoted Creations Camo Queen Fast Acting Bronzing and Radiance Restoring Blend brings together a host of effective ingredients that make this bronzer the queen of multitasking. To promote coloration of the skin before, during and after tanning, the formula includes dark DHA, cosmetic bronzers, melanin enhancers and natural bronzing agents. The bronzer has a BB creme base that allows it to hydrate your skin, prime it for tanning and disguise imperfections all at once.





Type: Bronzer

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