Brazilian Browning Butter Tanovations

Ed Hardy

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Skin Softening Golden Tanning Butter • Infused with powerful Guaraná Extracts & Antioxidant Rich Guava. With Lush Cupuaçu Butters & Coconut Oils for intense skin hydration This ultra-lush dark tanning butter will melt into your skin while providing plush hydration with the use of Cupuaçu Butters & Coconut Oils. Infused with golden brown tanning intensifiers, your skin will get a tan of the tropics without the use of self-tanning agents. Antioxidant rich Guava and potent cellulite fighters make Brazilian Browning Butter your go-to tanning companion if what you crave is vacation vibes. Isn’t it time you let your sol shine? Super soft and hydrating dark tanning butter that allows you to develop golden bronze results with out self-tanning agents Capuacu Butters - Help to lock in moisture and restore skins elasticity Quad Tyrosine allows skin to develop the darkest results possible Guava Extracts – Super fruit antioxidant that helps fight the appearance of wrinkles Guarana Extracts - Super high in caffeine in helps to tighten and tone the appearance of skin Coconut Oil - Ultra hydrating for longer lasting, softer results After Tan Odor Eliminator - Proprietary blend of deodorizing and skin freshening ingredients