Bleachbright Complete White Smile Kit


$ 21.95 $ 149.99

BleachBright’s Complete White Smile 3-in-1 Kit

This kit contains BleachBright's 3 most popular products, (NightBright, FoamBright and StarBright Pen) in one kit at an amazing value!


  • Whiten your teeth with virtually no sensitivity.
  • Enjoy the benefits of teeth whitening and improved oral health in one easy-to-use kit.
  • Improve your enamel health to reduce hot and cold sensitivities.
  • Save money when you purchase all three products together, instead of buying them individually.
  • Easily purchase refills at affordable prices at SunlessDeals to keep that dazzling smile.


  • Mini L.E.D. light
  • StarBright pen
  • 1 bottle of FoamBright
  • 1 vial of whitening gel
  • Contains 12% hydrogen peroxide.