Ed Hardy Black Elixir 13.5 oz.

Ed Hardy

Type: Bronzer

Ultra Advanced Advanced Silicone Bronzing Cocktail with Unique Tattoo Protection Complex.

Unleash your skin's potential to darken for the deepest results imaginable with Ed Hardy BLACK ELIXIR 90XXX Silicone Bronzing Cocktail with Tattoo Protection. This incredible formula makes the skin 90x times darker than indoor tanning with a straight forward, ordinary lotion.

The bronzer contains MelanoBronze, which stimulates melanin production to produce an even, deep natural looking tan. The actions of this key ingredient are amplified by Nouritan, a complex that accelerates tyrosine. This key amino acid is integral to melanin production and allows Nouritan to extend the life of your tan.

In addition to shielding tattoos from ultraviolet energy, the bronzer also guards against the development of premature signs of aging with antioxidant-rich Subliskin. To assist with cellulite metabolism and tone the skin, the elixir contains the proprietary BodyFit blend.

  • Subliskin - Anti-aging and skin tightening moisture barrier.
  • BodyFit - Reduces the appearance of cellulite and promotes firmness.
  • Nouritan - Stimulates tyrosine activity & promotes an even and long lasting tan.
  • MelanoBronze - Stimulates the natural melanin formulation & leads to enhanced pigmentation.
  • Jackfruit & Lotus fragrance

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