Brown Sugar - Aloha Black 200X Bronzing System 7 oz.

Tan Inc.

Aloha Black Revolutionary 200x Bronzing 2-in-1 System

Think there's no way to get a true back-from-the-beach tan from hitting the tanning bed? Think again! When you say "Aloha!" to Brown Sugar ALOHA BLACK 200X Double Dark Bronzer before your tanning session begins, you'll awaken your skin's melanin producing abilities, so that coloration begins immediately. The powerful Brown Sugar bronzer blend amplifies the results of tanning up to 200 times for dark, gorgeous color that will have everyone thinking that you've just returned from Kaanapali. The bronzer is dispensed out of a special two-chambered bottle that combines the formula with a DHA blend to continue promoting dark tanning for hours after your session.

Easy to apply with its spray top, the Brown Sugar ALOHA BLACK 200X Double Dark Bronzer can cover your skin in this luxurious bronzing formula from head to toe in seconds. As a special finishing touch, Brown Sugar has added a micro-shimmer complex that gives the skin a healthy sparkle to boost its radiance.

Mahalo for looking!

Type: Bronzer

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